WB Surf Lessons

Our goals are to integrate surfing into the lives of more women, children and local San Franciscans as a part of a daily routine emphasizing the importance of healthy living and exercise. Our vision is to inspire people to participate in an activity that is right outside their front door and to create tight knit communities while doing so.


Our team is comprised of a diverse group who have 14 years of surf experience between them and who have surfed all over the world.

We are CPR and First Aid certified and are always conscientious of the conditions of the waves before taking our students into the water. 

WB Surf Lessons started out through teaching our friends and family how to surf on the weekends. As a test a couple of years ago, one of our friends put us up on Yelp and within days we were receiving calls for lessons. This quickly expanded into a full fledged business and we have been growing ever since.

We were featured in San Francisco Weekly's Best of San Francisco 2012 as the Bay Area's best surf lessons.

 WB Surf Lessons has also been featured on LifeBooker and we have our own surf guide, featuring our favorite Bay Area surf stores, such as Mollusk and Dany Hess' Wood shop, on Stay.com. 

We have extensive surf knowledge of Northern California but we have also surfed Southern California, Hawaii & Puerto Rico and have many plans to continue our surf adventures around the world! We are hoping that Peru is our next stop!


WB Surf Lessons focusses on individual and semi-private lessons creating a relaxed, fun and rewarding surfing experience. We as a team have extensive experience working with people of all ages including children as young as 5 years old and we speak English, French, Italian and Spanish!

We ensure that each student will not only learn to stand during their first lesson but will also learn surf etiquette, wave selection, ocean safety, beach hazards and best practices!