Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club Mission: To provide professionally guided outdoor activites in fun, social groups, while promoting an awareness and appreciation for the outdoor world.


snowshowing at LassenWelcome to the Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC), the Bay Area's FIRST activity club, run by professional guides, where you can choose a from variety of fun things to do every weekend! Since 1996, our professional guides have been organizing and leading great adventures all over California and all over the world. With the Outdoor Adventure Club, you can experience the great outdoors and meet other Bay Area adventurers in a fun club environment.


The OAC is a mix of professional guide service, adventure travel company and social club. Unlike a traditional guide service, we organize dozens of different outdoor adventure events. One week you may be rock climbing, the next you could be skydiving! Unlike a social club we are a professional, insured guide service. Our trip leaders are trained professionals, more than just a friendly face who's done it a few times. Unlike a traditional adventure travel company, we fill our trips primarily with people from the Bay Area and surrounding Northern California area. You'll be able to meet the people on your OAC international trip before and after your trip. Friendships formed on OAC trips can last a lifetime!


Everyone wants to know a few things about the Outdoor Adventure Club.backpacking


What are the members like?

OAC members are a great collection of people from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa, and as far east as Sacramento. During the week, most members are working hard as busy urban professionals. By the time the weekend comes, they're ready to play and we're ready to help make it happen. Many people in the club are new to the area and want to meet people who love the outdoors, but don't have the time to organize trips on their own.


We are not a singles club; however almost all of our members are single. We're proud that 30 couples have gotten married after meeting through the Outdoor Adventure Club, but it's important to know that people come on our trips to enjoy the adventure of the day and make new friends, not to "hook up".



What is the typical age group of the Club?

We see people of all ages on our trips. Some trips tend to attract a younger crowd, while other trips attract an older group. Unless otherwise specified, our trips are open to anyone 21 or older. We do offer family trips from time to time, as well as trips designed specifically for people of certain age groups. Whatever the age, all our members share an adventurous spirit.



Can I sign up by myself?

Yes, you can sign up by yourself. Almost everyone who comes on an Outdoor Adventure Club trip comes solo on his/her first trip. After a few trips, you'll start recognizing names on upcoming adventures and soon enough you'll have a whole new circle of adventurous friends.


rock climbing trip

What are the Outdoor Adventure Club trips like?

In a word, FUN! Our goal is to make all our trips feel like we're a group of friends out for a great time, all the while keeping safety our top priority. On Outdoor Adventure Club trips, we do all the work. You just sign up and show up! Our professional guides help prepare you for each adventure, introduce you to the folks on the trip, and make you feel welcome. On the trips, our guides prepare exquisite meals and teach outdoor skills. You'll be comforted by knowing all our guides are Wilderness First Responders or Wilderness EMTs, and have an abundance of training and experience in the outdoors.


There are a few things you won't see on our calendar. We don't do pub crawls or dancing lessons, for instance. There are plenty of outlets for those activities. What you will see is a calendar packed with more choices for outdoor fun than you'll see anywhere else, all organized and executed by people who make your fun their job.


Are the trips too hard/too easy for me? Do I need experience? Am I fit enough?

Our trips are almost entirely outdoors and adventurous. We offer a full range of programs in everything we do. We offer introductory classes and easy trips for people new to the adventure as well as more advanced classes and trips for more experienced adventurers. Our variety of events and skill levels will offer something for everyone. By providing so many different trips, we can help you pick the perfect trip for your experience and comfort level. Just let us know if you have any questions about the fitness or experience level of any trip that interests you.