Wilderness Survival Level II

Course Info

This class is a continuation of our beginner survival skills clinic. It is an excellent opportunity to work with our instructors on advancing your survival knowledge as well as applying these skills without the use of modern tools.

Held in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, our advanced survival skills clinic takes the foundational knowledgefrom our beginner class and expands it to more highly refined skills and extreme situations. Shelter is revisited and examined in low-debris and non-traditional situations. Additional fire-by-friction techniques are tought, new traps and snares will be built, and several other advanced skills.

You must have taken our 1-day intro class to take this course – no exceptions. This course is fast-paced and relies heavily on the skills tought in the level 1 class.

Take a day for yourself and reconnect with the amazing natural opportunities we have in Northern California while learning ancient skills that could save your life!


Dates Offered:
Clinics offered year-round, once per month. For a complete list of dates, visit our: Activity Calendar.

Minimum Number Needed For Class: 5 People
Maximum Class Size: 25 People (Compare to other survival schools – class sizes between 50-100 people!)

-MUST have taken our Intro to Survival Clinic - no exceptions. Registering for this class without taking the level 1 class could result in you being excused from the class without refund. Please respect the prerequisite requirement. Thank you.
-Ages: 14 & up.


Your clinic includes:
Five hours of instruction. All materials and tools are included.

Your packing list:
We provide all the equipment for your survival adventure! Just come prepared with clothing to spend a day in the outdoors, lunch, snacks, & water, and a notebook & pen to takes notes.