Rock Climbing 202

Course Info

Rock Climbing 202 is the next step in outdoor rock climbing.  Building off our Beginning Rock Climbing class, Rock Climbing 202 includes advanced climbing movement instruction, an introduction to top-rope anchors and the chance to try out new techniques on intermediate level routes.  

Rock Climbing 202 is taught by AMGA certified guides. For students looking to progress past beginning outdoor rock climbing and toward being a proficient, self sufficient outdoor climber, this is the class.

-Advanced climbing movement including footwork technique

-Rock climbing gear overview

-Introduction to top-rope anchor rigging / site management

-Two to three Intermediate level outdoor climbing routes

-Prerequisites: 5.7 - 5.8 level climber, proficient belay skills, familiarity with the figure eight follow through knot



check The next step in outdoor rock climbing for beginner and intermedate climbers looking to progress
check Learn advanced climbing movement techniques and the basics of top-rope anchor systems
check Taught by certified climbing guides